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The development of the Park am Gleisdreieck involves, among other things, the additional installation of further play and sports areas, the completion of the equipment and the management of the park. This concerns, for example, the maintenance and further development of the tree and shrub plantings, the large lawns and meadows, and the ecologically significant areas such as the track wilderness and eco-gravel.

The corresponding maintenance measures were defined in a maintenance and action plan developed specifically for the Park am Gleisdreieck. The management of the park also includes the operation and further development of the pilot projects integrated into the park, such as the "Gardens in the Garden" with the Kleingartenanlage POG, the intercultural "Rosenduftgarten" and the beach volleyball facility located in the Westpark. In addition, there are the maintenance measures to repair the damage caused by the intensive use of the park - unfortunately also by vandalism and graffiti - but also the renovation, addition and retrofitting of the technical facilities.