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There are playgrounds for different age groups throughout the Park am Gleisdreieck. In the Ostpark along Möckernstraße there are two playgrounds: At the level of Obentrautstraße for smaller children the playground "Kinderzimmer" with water pump and at the entrance Hornstraße the playground "Stangenwald" also suitable for older children. Directly opposite is the nature experience area with a clay landscape and natural play facilities. In the Westpark, between the Lützowstraße and Pohlstraße entrances, there is the "Pohlstraße" playground for toddlers and, at the Kurfürstenstraße entrance, the "Wasserspielplatz" (water playground) with numerous climbing and activity activities as well as a large water play area for 2- to 10-year-old children. To the south, there is also a natural play area, the nature area.

The "Red Playground" on Monumentenplatz with its play elements is reminiscent of the former railway use. Generous seating and plantings frame the square.

Eine Frau schaut mit ihrem Baby auf dem Arm einem Kind beim Spielen auf dem Spielplatz im Park am Gleisdreieck zu
© Konstantin Börner
Ein Kind balanciert auf einer Holzlatte auf einem Spielplatz im Park am Gleisdreieck
© Konstantin Börner