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Right in the middle of the capital, the Park am Gleisdreieck with Ost- and Westpark was created from 2011-2013. An inaccessible wasteland was transformed into an urban open space in the green with a variety of uses.

In terms of landscape, the Park am Gleisdreieck is characterised by the central, extensive lawns and meadows, which are lined by ruderal, woodland-like areas - the so-called track wilderness - as well as various park trees and crossed by wide paths or old railway tracks. The primary goal of the maintenance and development measures was and still is to harmonise the interests of nature conservation and recreational use in the Park am Gleisdreieck.

In its time as a wild wasteland, a unique ecological diversity has grown up at Gleisdreieck, which is also maintained and established in parts of today's park. In addition, the park offers special open spaces and meeting places with nature, such as the Naturerfahrungsraum in the Ostpark, the nature space or the urban wilderness in the Westpark. In addition, the design concept ties in with the historical use of the site - attentive visitors will find traces of the past in the form of old railway tracks, signalling systems and buffer stops, especially in Ostpark and Dora Duncker Park.